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FxBlox Hardware

The Difference Between Lite and Lite Plus

The two models look identical from the outside

It is important to know which Blox you have. The manual firmware update process varies between the two and their steps need to be followed exactly as shown!

The FxBlox Lite has a CPU from Raspberry Pi and it is alternatively known as the CM4. Only about 100 of these were distributed during the Indiegogo delivery phase. You would have had to fill in a form to specifically opt-in to receive this FxBlox. Other than that there are two key ways to tell if you have this model.
  1. Check the barcode. On the side of the original box that the device came in. It should look like this.
  2. Open up the device. You can do this by removing the four black screws of the three-port USB housing, then the four silver screws on the bottom of the Blox. You will be able to slide out the board and see this device.
    • Front
    • Back