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How to request support

No matter what happens we are here to support you as a valued member of Fula network. However, to allow us spend time on development, please first make sure you follow the instructions carefully. I understand reading the documentations can be a boring chore, but that would save your valuable time from troubleshooting.

  • In case you still need support please post your question on our support portal
  • You can also get the support from community by posting in our telegram group, however, support from the team will only be provided on the support portal.
  • You can open a support ticket from our Discord channel
  • Please include the below information:
    • Is it CM4 or RK1?
    • Do you have external storage attach or internal?
    • What was hte exact behavior?

Please be as specific as possible. Unfortunately, general statements like it doesn't work, just delay hte process of support

To ensure we can support everyone, please do not DM or email the individuals in Functionland. We appreciate your cooperation.