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Welcome to Functionland

Functionland was founded on a core set of Web3 principles. At the heart of these principles is a simple premise: We each have an inalienable right to own our own data.

We set out to build a better future around this simple premise. We started by developing an app that liberates a set of "own data" we think is particularly important to people: personal home photos and video.

We developed Fotos as a Web3 alternative to available photo and video sharing and backup applications.

But while developing Fotos, we realized there are still many pieces missing from the Web3 stack; pieces that are necessary to achieving the better future we envision.

What we realized:

There is currently no single chain agnostic token we can use to pay for decentralized infrastructure or software services.

Enter $FULA token

There is currently no easy way for us to take advantage of cloud convenience without losing our data the moment we stop paying the bills. In other words, once you start paying, you can never stop.

Enter BAS

There is currently no modular, open-source, datacenter-grade server hardware option available. Hardware that is fully customizable and aesthetically appealing enough to sit comfortably in your home.

Enter Box

There are currently no freemium options for consumers to compute on and store larger sets of data.

Enter Fula local pools

There is currently no platform based on open, interoperable specifications that enables developers to write permissionless, decentralized apps for consumers and get paid for doing so.

Enter the Fula API

We decided to build them. We call it the Fula network.

Fula Network Architectuer

Tell me more about the Fula network. How does it work?

To become a truly viable alternative to Big Tech cloud storage, we need to guarantee:

  • reliability

  • availability

  • security

To guarantee reliability, availability and security, we designed a system that utilizes an already existent decentralized web.

The Fula network is peer-to-peer architecture designed with open protocols and specifications such as libp2p, IPFS and decentralized identity.

This allows us to achieve an unprecedented level of interoperability and makes every participant in the ecosystem future proof, including DApp developers.

By developing on the Fula platform, you earn $FULA from your open-source contributions. At the same time, you avoid locking yourself in to a single platform with proprietary APIs and archaic approval processes.

By decoupling data from the application, DApp developers can focus on providing rich user experiences without having to worry about what happens to customer data.

It also means Box customers will not be locked in to using any one, single DApp.

The Fula network provides a free, open market for service providers. Box customers are not just consumers; they can become producers within this new ecosystem too.

In short, it's a positive sum protocol for everyone.

Like what you hear? Become a pioneer. Join us on our journey to bring Web3 into the mainstream.

You can do that by:

  • backing us on indiegogo

  • heading over to Fula API docs to learn how to develop your own DApps on the Box

  • providing feedback/input on our RFCs

  • sign into one of our socials and join the conversation!