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Welcome to Functionland

Functionland was founded on a core set of Web3 principles. At the heart of these principles is a simple premise: We each have an inalienable right to own our own data.

We set out to build a better future around this simple premise. We started by developing an app that liberates a set of "own data" we think is particularly important to people: personal home photos and video.

We developed Fotos as a Web3 alternative to available photo and video sharing and backup applications.

But while developing Fotos, we realized there are still many pieces missing from the Web3 stack; pieces that are necessary to achieving the better future we envision.

What We Realized

With big tech cloud companies having unfettered access to our data, we needed to created a system that will:

  1. Never lose access to our photos, video, and other personal data, for as long as we choose.
  2. Give access to information to anyone in the world without regard for who they are.
  3. Enable any developer to easily build and get paid for their products and services.

Which is when we realized, there was no single chain agnostic token we can use to incentivize people to offer up both their storage and computer power for blockchain products and services.

Enter $FULA token

$FULA will be the catalyst for keeping the infrastructure online at all times and getting users to store their photos and video, for as long as they want. Storage providing and compute providers are two sides of the same coin. Providers require payment for offering their service to the public. And consumers need a corresponding way to pay for said services.

Enter BAS

We created the first uniform Blockchain Attached Storage (BAS) device! As a provider, you can use your storage device(s) to completely own your data and gain rewards for offering up your extra storage to the public. And as a consumer, can pay-as-you-go! It'll be like you have access to infinite storage and just pay for what you need to keep your data alive for as long as you like.

Enter FxBlox

FxBlox, or Blox, is the brand-new hardware that is empowering it all. Beautiful design, power-efficient board, and next-gen processing is not gate-kept by inflated pricing. Bloxes are competitively priced and offer the lowest barrier to entry in any decentralized storage blockchain. Our network has the potential to vertically and horizontally scale faster than any protocol before.

Enter Fula API

To enable any developer to build apps and services on this brand new protocol, we introduce the Fula API. An open, interoperable specifications that enables developers to write permissionless, decentralized apps for consumers and to get paid for their work.

Fula Network

All together we get the Fula Network. This network has power in numbers, it is for the people, and will create a new internet that fixes the security and other fundamental problems with the internet of today.